I offer personalised care and guidance,
using the techniques most appropriate to the need of the client.

Everyone is unique, as is their personal sitaution, and so it can be hard to be specific on the number and length of sessions required. However, I do understand that this can be a concern, and so I try to be as transparent as possible with all clients from the outset.

My fees start from £50 for each session, for up to one hour. Most people will benefit from 6-8 sessions, some will need more, others less.

I do recognise that this is a significant investment in your mental health, but I will be open and honest at every stage of your journey. If I believe that you are not moving forwards or getting value from our time together I will tell you.

I also try to keep my terms and conditions as simple as possible. Payment is required at the beginning of each session. I do not charge a cancellation fee if more than 24h notice is given, if less than this I would ask for £15 in recognition of my costs. You can stop the therapy at any time, and restart it again if you wish at a later date.


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