Expecting or having a baby is a major event in a parent’s life. Media, friends and family members can promote this as an amazingly happy time but unfortunately for some, this is not the case. Sometimes pregnancy and birth can lead to feelings of anxiety, fear, regret and depression, this, in turn, can lead to a feeling of isolation.

Although most people have heard of Postnatal Depression (PND), they are unaware that depression and/or anxiety can begin during as well as after pregnancy. This is called perinatal illness, and people are often surprised to discover that it can affect both men and women.

I currently volunteer for a charity working with women experiencing perinatal illness, and I conducted extensive research into this condition as a part of my degree, culminating in my thesis on this topic.
I understand just how difficult this can be to talk about, but also how beneficial simply talking about it can be.

If you’re pregnant, a new mother or father and are having negative feelings and you are worried about opening up to friends and family, counselling can offer a safe space. We can work together to help you understand your feelings and work through ways to help you recover.


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